I lost a little piece of my heart today. It came unexpected and fast, but I know it's for the better for you, and to avoid possible unlikely circumstances. You were MY dog, and I knew you best. So what do I remember from the last eleven years? Lol Lots. You've taken quite the lifelong... Continue Reading →


Michael James’ soundtrack

Yep, you read that right. Lol I finally have a list to get you in the mood for each pivotal scene in my twisted psychological erotic novel, Michael James. Without explaining the novel in detail, with these songs you'll be able to feel the emotion I'm portraying. When you read it, let's hope they move... Continue Reading →

Christmas Thoughts

My son is 8. He was told at school by another child Santa doesn't exist - which is fair. It's about that age where kids are flipping. But my son stood his ground. And here's why I'm proud of him. He doesn't let other people convince him without a fight, especially something he believes in,... Continue Reading →

Tumblr is Going Down

I have to admit when I first found out Tumblr was removing all adult content from their platform, it didn't phase me. I didn't think it was going to impact me much at all. Sure, I'm an erotica writer, but apparently smut is still going to be allowed. Sure, I had an adult content blog,... Continue Reading →


FREE IS THE WORD FOR THIS WEEKEND Y'ALL!! So everyone knows the best girls have my back, and for this weekend only, two of my besties and myself are putting our books on a FREE promotion. Yup, ALL THREE OF US HAVE BOOKS UP FOR FREE!! By the bestselling erotica author Lisa Andrew, comes a... Continue Reading →

Kink or Kill FOR FREE Oct 26th-28th

Did someone say Halloween? Did someone shriek erotic horror? Did someone scream FREE BOOK?! I sure did!! On October 26th, 27th and 28th, you get this book COMPLETELY FREE to help celebrate the scariest day of the year! Help me make this a bestseller by logging onto myBook.to/kinkorkill and getting your FREE copy! By the... Continue Reading →

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