Why Write?

I'm thirty-seven years old with two amazing kids, happily married, well off and grateful. So why would I bother spending my extra time fighting writer's block, getting words organized, hitting deadlines I've created for myself, and putting all my effort into something that may not go very far? The Writer's 52 Week Blog Challenge: Wk... Continue Reading →

Keeping a Writer’s Journal or Diary

"What do you see when you look at me? Do you see a person? Do you see a figure? Do you see a story? Or only the result of my life? I see you. Do you see me?" Funny how this is a prompt in the challenge considering I started keeping a collection of poems... Continue Reading →

My Last Meal and Being a Food Addict

So between two challenge choices; a) an item I can't live without OR b) what I'd have for my last meal, either prompt can really lean towards one answer. Food; reason being I'm a food addict. I've seen a lot of addiction and the traumatic experiences behind them in the news recently (Demi Lovato and... Continue Reading →

Michael James, Writing Pet Peeves, & Word Counts

I'm late! I've been a bad girl. I've been away, and for good reason - working on Michael James. It's official - I've reached the 50k mark of editing it. The first half of the book has been passed along to my amazing, dedicated, and patient editors and betas. I hope to finish it completely... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s 52 Week Blog Challenge

Wk 21: Best gift I ever got ɡift/ noun: gift; plural noun: gifts 1. a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present. "a Christmas gift" an act of giving something as a present. "his mother's gift of a pen" informal a very easy task or unmissable opportunity. "that touchdown was an absolute gift"... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s 52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 18 (and 19… and 20 lol) PLUS UPDATES

So aside from getting Dirty Country Boy out for publication, I've actually been trying to take it easy for a couple of weeks. I made a vow to give myself about a month off from writing to reboot my brain. And more now than ever, I have a ton of ideas. However, I've realized I... Continue Reading →

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